About us

The range of our products includes a range of wooden pallets of all types regular for our market, both new and used. In addition, we are able to provide pallets of different atypical dimensions, as our offer is directly dependent on current demand. We also offer metal pallets and plastic shipping boxes.

Product prices are individual. Sales prices are given by product type, taking into account transport and delivery volume. Purchase prices are determined by the type and degree of pallet damage. The transportation of goods, whether for supplies to customers or even for larger quantities of pallets, is provided by our own means or with the help of a third transport company.

We react promptly to orders. For most range of goods, for example, the manufacture of pallets of atypical dimensions, the date of delivery is usually within 24 hours. If any possible issues arise from our part, we undertake remedy immediately to maintain our good reputation, in order to acquire and maintain stable clients.

Customer satisfaction is our priority in business relations.


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